How do I find correct manual for my vehicle?
This site allows to search for a specific model from a large range of manuals. Thus there’s a ubiquitously present search box where you just have to start typing and all related topics pop up for an easy click.

You can go to MANUALS catalog and use filters to select Brand, machinery type, manual type and language.

Also you can find a download link for a Preview PDF manual on product page page. Preview PDF file will give you enough information about manual's information.

How to place an order
We suggest you to create an account or sign in before placing an order.

Add products to a cart and press checkout. Fill name, email, address and make Paypal checkout. After successful payment  you will be able to download your manuals.

Is my payment going to be safe and secure?
We are always taking extra precautions to assure our sites are 100% secure. Our e-commerce website is tested daily by McAfee Secure to ensure it is 100% safe for you. All the transactions are processed through Paypal, which is world's No.1 trusted and secured payment method. We also accept all Credit/Debit Cards.

Where is my download link
After payment you should receive a email with download link. Also you can download a manual from a site.

1. When you have registered account on a site.

To download your manual you need to sign in. You can find  your download link at MY ACCOUNT -> ORDER HISTORY AND DETAILS. Download link is just below product name. 

2. When You are using guest checkout

Follow guest tracking page

Guest download linkFill your order reference and email. Your order reference you can find in received order confirmation email.

When you get a Guest tracking page you will find a download link near product name.

Also you can transform your guest account to a customer account and enjoy additional discounts for next purchases.

Can I download manual to my phone?

You can download pdf manual to your phone and tablet device as well. Follow Main menu -> My account

Click on Order history and details

Find your recent order and click on its name

Scrolling down you fill find your manuals names with download link

The time for download may vary, it depends on manual size. Size vary from 5 to 300 Mbytes. After download is completed you will see a PDF manual. To save it on IPhone you may add it to iBooks. Press a button in the bottom.

And then choose iBooks

Can't open a file after download

Some PDF manuals have a huge size up to 300-500 Mb. Downloading very large files can be accompanied by breaking the connection and the inability to open the file. The site supports resuming files, but not all programs support this feature.

Follow these steps, if you are experiencing download file problems:

  1. Verify, if a downloaded file has pdf extension, if no - rename a file and add .pdf at the end.

  2. Make sure that the file is fully downloaded. You can view this information in your browser download queue.
    safari download successSafari download success

    Safari download failure

  3. If the connection was interrupted, you can try to download once more. If the error still occurs,  follow the next steps.

  4. The file downloading system on a site supports resume downloads. Since some browsers like Safari and Chrome don't fully support resume downloads your can try the following:
    - download with another browser like FireFox;
    - install a browser extension, which supports resume downloads: auto-resume-download for Chrome or similar.
    -install free download managers like Download Master for Windows, Folx for MacOs or similar. Copy the download url and try to download again.

  5. If you still have problems loading the file let us know and we will give you an alternative link for downloading. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us email and we will help you.

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