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Valtra BP603, BP804, BP905, BP1005, BP1106, BP1206, BP1307, BP1508, BP1709 planter pdf workshop service manual

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Models: HiTech planters: BP603, BP804, BP905, BP1005, BP1106, BP1206, BP1307, BP1508, BP1709

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Valtra BP603, BP804, BP905, BP1005, BP1106, BP1206, BP1307, BP1508, BP1709 planter pdf workshop service manual is available for instant download after purchase. Download a free preview pdf file of the original document, and decide whether it suits your needs. This preview file in the Attachments section includes the initial part of the main document, about 5% of the pages, and you may get acquainted with the contents of the document.

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Workshop service manual
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Valtra is a brand of agricultural machinery that specializes in the production of tractors. The company was founded in Finland in 1951 and has since become a global brand with a presence in over 75 countries. Valtra is known for its innovative approach to design and engineering, with a focus on creating machines that are durable, efficient, and adaptable to a wide range of farming needs.

Valtra produces a range of tractors that are tailored to different applications, including forestry, municipal use, and large-scale farming. The company's machines are known for their power, versatility, and ease of use, with features such as adjustable driving positions, multiple hydraulic outlets, and efficient engine cooling systems.

In terms of manuals for Valtra equipment, the company offers a range of resources for owners and operators. These include operator manuals, parts catalogs, and service manuals, which are available in both print and digital formats. The manuals provide detailed information on the operation, maintenance, and repair of Valtra tractors, including specifications, safety guidelines, and troubleshooting procedures.

Valtra also offers a range of training programs for operators and maintenance personnel, aimed at helping users get the most out of their machines and ensuring that they are able to perform routine maintenance and repairs in a safe and efficient manner.

Business description

Valtra tractors are known for their versatility, durability and Scandinavian roots. Each tractor is custom built to customer specifications and can operate in the harshest climates and harshest operating conditions with maximum performance. Valtra employs 2,100 people in various positions in production, development and service. Every year, 24,000 tractors are produced to order at factories in Finland and Brazil. Today, Valtra is a brand of the AGCO corporation.

History of the company.

In 1832, Johan Theofron Munktell started working in the mechanical workshop "Eskilstuna Mekaniska Werkstad" in Sweden. This is considered the beginning of the industrial history of both Valtra and Volvo Construction.

In 1844, the brothers Jean and Carl Gerhard Bolinder established a machine shop and a foundry on their industrial estate in Kungsholmen (Stockholm). The company was called J&C G Bolinder. Jean had a technical education, and Karl studied at various foundries throughout Sweden. In the 1920s, the government of the young Republic of Finland decided to create its own production of rifles.

In 1926, the territory of Turul on the north-eastern outskirts of Juväskilä was chosen as the most suitable location.

In 1927, SKF, the Swedish ball bearing factory (Svenska Kullagerfabriken) in Gothenburg played a central role in the creation of AB Volvo. As early as 1915, SKF registered the trademark "Volvo" to sell its range of products. The word itself is translated from Latin "kochusia". This name was adopted by a new car company that produced 297 cars in the first year of production.

In 1932, the Munktell and J & Organized by C G Bolinder, the new company is called AB Bolinder-Munktell - BM for short. This merger had a very big impact. The export share reached half of the company's turnover, products were supplied to various countries, including France, Great Britain and the Soviet Union.

In 1950, AB Bolinder-Munktell was acquired by Volvo.

After the end of the Second World War, the weapons plant in Turul was reoriented to the production of civilian products. The first Valmet tractors were assembled at the Tourula factory in 1951. This date is considered the birth date of Valmet and Valtra tractors.

In 1960, the Brazilian government decided to start production of a domestic tractor. Valmet tractors were chosen from all applicants.

In 1969, additional production areas were needed to assemble new series of tractors. A new site was chosen in Suolakhta, where production began in September 1969.

In 1979, Volvo BM made a strategic decision to stop production of tractors and agricultural machinery. Valmet buys the production of Volvo tractors.

In 1991 and 1992, Valmet Oy found itself in a difficult situation. The company was restructured by merging the Brazilian units of Valmet, the engine plant (located in Nokia, Finland) and tractor production with headquarters in Suolahta.

In 1994, Sisu Group was founded to list its shares on the stock exchange. The largest division of Sisu Group is the production of Valmet tractors. The economic problems of Sisu Group ended with the arrival of Partek, which in January 1997 bought out the entire group of companies.

In 2002, Kone Corporation acquired Partek.

In 2004, Valtra joins AGCO Corporation. For the first time in Valtra's history, a company owner works in the same industry and fully understands Valtra's business and needs.

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